Education is the foundation of our life. If we lack education, we cannot live life meaningfully in harmony with all that surrounds us. Education gives us the information and knowledge that we need to live productive lives.

Education Enriches and Enlightens the Mind and Intellect

Education pertains to what we acquire and attain through scholastic and academic learning, as also through other means such as experience and experiment that enlightens our mind and intellect. Through the enrichment of our minds and intellects we become knowledgeable as also aware and sensitive to all that makes up our life. Education can also assist us in the fulfillment of our spiritual aspirations.

We are enlightened about our life through various streams of learning and study of the many different sciences and arts. Learning may be through the formal system of education as also through the informal system of education.

The formal system of education is offered by educational institutions starting with schools and going on to colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Academic and scholastic learning is made available through trained teachers. The formal system starts with the primary level at school, and goes on to the secondary and senior secondary levels, followed by graduate and post-graduate studies. Doctorate and post-doctorate levels come thereafter. Education does not end with the attainment of a degree or a certificate, but is a life-long process.

Education Promotes a Nation’s Social, Economic and Political Progress

All children and youth must have access to education. It is only when all people are educated that the entire society can benefit from education. If certain sections of society are denied education, development in society will be lopsided.

Education can bring about the social, economic and political progress of a nation. Social justice is the natural outcome of education for all people in society. Education can help in ensuring freedom, liberty and justice for all sections of society.

Content By: M.G. Thooba Mariyam (8ᵗʰ Standard – NIGHSS)

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