Pernambut is a town and taluk headquarters and a Municipality in Vellore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. As of 2011, the town had a population of 51,271. Pernambut is Largest taluk which is an administrative division comprising 52 Revenue villages. The economy is dependent on leather tanning industry, earning it the nickname Leather Tanning city of Tamil Nadu. It is also known for Unani medicine.Pernambut Has Islamiah Higher Secondary school which is nearing a century of existence by merit educational trust and IHSS is the largest school here caters to Boys of all the religion as people acros dofferent walk of life study here and the biggest highlight is the fee pattern which is very low that any body who just have an attitude to study can study here as the fee is very low in 2 digits and if you opt for english medium it will cross the 3 digit. If we travel 5-6 km we can reach both andhra and karataka where we have cross 7 hairpin bends and Tippu sulthan used this route to travel from mysore to Arcot thru this way.


Pernambut was in existence from the Pallava period. During the 15th and 16th century, the North Arcot District was under the control of Hindu rules of Vijaya Nagar. In 1687 onwards North Arcot District was brought under the control of the Nawabs of Karnatic. During the beginning of 18th Century onwards Pernambut was brought under the control of British. From the above past incidents, through it is known that the Pernambut was in existence since 15th century. There are no protected or notified monuments at present to reveal the past history and perhaps they might have been ruined due to successive wars held during the past.


Pernambut is a municipality and headquarters of Pernambut taluk which is an administrative division comprising 98 Revenue villages in the district of Vellore.


Pernambut is multi cultured town, here you can see people of all religion, the most important religion are : – Islam – Hindu – Christian.

Economy and culture

The economy is dependent on the leather industries, glue factories as well as beedi factories where more of the locals work. The town houses leather tanning and manufacturing facilities and is a leading cluster for export of finished leather and leather-related products. Pernambut is known for its Unani Medicine especially. Ramzan and Bakrid festivals are celebrated by Muslims, Diwali and Pongal by Hindus and Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas.

Map: Pernambut

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