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About Pernambut

Pernambut is a Town & Taluk Headquarters and a Municipality in Vellore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.Β Which is an administrative division comprising 98 Revenue villages in the district of Vellore. The economy is dependent on leather tanning industry, earning it the nickname Leather Tanning city of Tamil Nadu. It is also known for Unani medicine.

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History – The Legend of Leather Industries

Pernambut was in existence from the Pallava period. During the 15th and 16th century, the North Arcot District was under the control of Hindu rules of Vijaya Nagar. In 1687 onwards North Arcot District was brought under the control of the Nawabs of Karnatic. During the beginning of 18th Century onwards Pernambut was brought under the control of British. From the above past incidents, through it is known that the Pernambut was in existence since 15th century. There are no protected or notified monuments at present to reveal the past history and perhaps they might have been ruined due to successive wars held during the past.

The Kingdom of the Nayaks, Marathas, Arcot Nawabs and Bijapur Sultans. And home to the mighty Viyanagar empire. The land of the 1806 Sepoy Mutiny and the Battle of Gadambur is immersed in rich history for many centuries. Ranipet, Ambur, Vaniymbadi, Pernambut and Melvisharam are a few well known towns of the Vellore district. It is believed that almost 150 years ago by the free flowing Palar river, the leather industry took its initaial steps. Later, a few dynamic men stepped in with a grand vision to take the industry and the people of the district forward. Read More

Pernambut legend
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β€œThe citizens of Pernambut have total control in giving genuine feedbacks on all the major sectors ( such as Government offices, Banks & ATMS, Oil & Gas, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Stores and other local eminities) running in Pernambut. Because we believe in the voice of our people can bring a positive change in Pernambut. ”

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