Be-a-veiled-inspiration-to-the-world-not-an-open-fitnah-musammah-najm-pernambut-bloggerBe Wise Sisters ❌??

  • I cannot come and go and kill myself!!!
  • Fake lashes
  • Fake nails,
  • Mune shan pills for large hips
  • Big booties,
  • Fix nails,
  • Add donkey hair,
  • Bleach and wear tight cloth.

? All for what?
For the so called stupid attention from guys?
who at the end of the day will still shove it to your face how FAKE of a woman you are.

Can’t you just love and accept yourself for who you are? This dunya(world) is nothing wallah.
You shouldn’t let anyone define how you must look. YOU OWN YOURSELF and don’t owe it to anyone to have big booties or large hips.

You shouldn’t let anyone make you feel insecure of yourself/your body. Even if you’re as thin and as shapeless as a spaghetti,
Dear, you’ll still find someone who’ll turn the world upside down just to have you.

You’re worth more than you think.
You’re loved.
You’re appreciated.
Be proud of yourself no matter how ugly or shapeless you think you are.

Kwalliyan(make up) is good. Gyaran(beautifying oneself) is good. But do it the halal way cause believe me, no guy out there is worth making you dig your own grave to jahannam(hell).
Be wise O Dear Sister.

May Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala save us all from any temptations that will lead us to hellfire.

Ya Allah guide us to the right path and don’t let us go astray.

content courtesy: Musammah Najm

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