Caling All Pernambut Students! πŸ“’
**Join the Creative Wave: Share Your Art, Essays, Poems, and More for the TIET Newsletter!**

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🌟 Are you a talented artist, a wordsmith, or someone with a creative spark? 🌟

TIET Newsletter is looking for YOUR unique contributions to make it shine even brighter! πŸš€ We want to showcase the incredible talent of Pernambut students, and we need YOUR help.

**What Can You Submit?**
– 🎨 **Art**: Express your creativity on canvas or paper.
– πŸ“ **Essays**: Share your thoughts, insights, and stories.
– πŸ“œ **Poems**: Let your words flow in verse.
– πŸ“š **Short Stories**: Dive into the world of fiction and storytelling.
– 🧩 **Puzzles**: Challenge us with brain-teasers and riddles.
– πŸ’‘ **Ideas**: Have an interesting concept? Share it with us!

**Why Should You Contribute?**
– 🌟 Showcase your talent to a wider audience.
– 🧠 Stimulate your creativity and gain recognition.
– 🌐 Contribute to the vibrant TIET community.
– πŸ† Get a chance to be featured in the Newsletter!

**How to Submit?**
1. Create your masterpiece.
2. Scan or take a clear photo of your work.
3. Email your submission to **** with the subject: “TIET Newsletter Submission – [Your Name].”
4. Include your name, grade, and a brief description of your work in the email.

**Submission Deadline:** Before the 25th of every month

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary! Let your creativity flow and make your mark in the TIET Newsletter.

Join us in celebrating the talents of Pernambut students!

πŸ“§ For inquiries and submissions, contact ****.

Further updates – Check Siizan for TIET TeamΒ  WhatsApp


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